Themes for Teens and Pre-Teens

Hosting parties when they enter the “tween and teen” years is a little more challenging then hosting one in the younger years. You know they don’t want something childish and you want to make sure they have a fun time with their friends at an age-appropriate party.

We have listed some of our fun teen party themes and ideas for pre-teens and teenagers birthdays.



party themeAussie Idol / X Factor Party

As music starts to play a major part of your teenagers’s life, a musically-themed party could therefore be a huge success. Your party guests can arrive dressed as their favourite singers. Hire a karaoke machine and party lighting to create a stage setting…. read more


party themeGlow in the dark/ Neon Party

Provide everyone with ample glow sticks, glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces. Hire a strobe light. Have everyone where bright neon clothes, girls can even wear glow in the dark make-up and glow in the dark body paint. Glowsticks Ltd in Burleigh have a large supply of body paints and glow sticks etc.


party themePJ Party

Pyjama parties or Onesie parties, are always great teen party themes. Include a popcorn machine, a movie, some torches and you’re there!  Be sure to ask what movie or movies they would like to watch. Remember not everyone likes a scary film and the last thing you want is a child having nightmares.


party themeSkirmish Party

Treat them to a day of Skirmish. Skirmish Gold Coast is the ultimate paintball experience, perfect for adrenaline charged teenaged boys and girls.  No mess no stress. Most skirmish or paintball centres have an age restriction of 14 or 15 years and older. Just check before confirming your booking.


 party themeA Pre-Teen Spa Party

What young lady wouldn’t love this ? There are so many great ideas when it comes to a spa party. This can always be done at home, or you can take your birthday teen and a few of her special friends to your local spa for a mani/pedi.