Party Games and Activities for your Teenagers

One thing to remember when planning teen party games is that the guests want to have lots of fun, but still want more sophistication than a kid’s party. We have listed several that you could included in your party plans.


A great icebreaker to start a party.

What You’ll Need

You need 5 – 10 small wrapped gifts – consider age and gender

2 decks of cards.

How To Play

Have the Teen party guests sit in a circle. Using one deck, deal all the cards out. Each player should end up with the same or close to the same amount of cards.

Now take the second deck of cards and call out each card as you pull it from the deck. The person that holds the matching card from the first deck of cards stands up and picks a gift. Play continues until all the gifts are given out. The FUN begins with the remaining cards of deck two! Everyone can now STEAL THE GIFTS from each other. You steal a gift from anyone holding one when a card you have is called. When the second deck of cards has been completely called out, the guests holding the gifts keep them.

Teen party games and ideas


What could be better for our warm Gold Coast weather then these fun pool teen party games?

What You’ll Need

2 Watermelons

Petroleum Jelly

How To Play

Cover two watermelons with loads of petroleum jelly. Divide into two teams. Place the two watermelons in the water and have the two team’s race across the pool with their watermelons. Award a prize for the team that finishes first.



What You’ll Need

1 pool noodle per player.


How To Play

Select players and have them sit on a noodle (as if they are on a horse) Have them race across the pool. You can have several races and the winner of each race goes through to the final. You can also divide the players into teams and have relay races. Award a prize to the winner or the winning team.

teen party games


What You’ll Need

1 peanut M&M

A plastic spoon for each player

How To Play

Have the Teen party guests stand in a circle. Each player holds a plastic spoon handle in his or her mouth with the spoon part sticking out. The M&M is placed on one player’s spoon and the game starts! Each player in turn must balance the M&M on your spoon and pass it on to the next person’s spoon. If the player passes the M&M without dropping it, they stay in the game! If not, they are out and the next person starts with the M&M! The last two players to stay in the game win. Award prizes!



Set up a table which includes Henna Tattoo Kits,  several henna Tattoo stencils and henna. Let the party guests “Ink” themselves.


If your Teens are almost adults then you may like to consider playing some of our Adult Party Games