Find the best sound systems, party lighting and event FX on the Gold Coast

Party Lighting, sound systems, and event FX add that extra wow to any party. Our Gold Coast suppliers have everything from smoke machines, audio equipment, fairy lights, strobe lights as well as much more. Let an expert help you find what will best suit your theme, venue space and party hire needs.

Dress up your party venue with Sound, lighting & FX

The right sound, lighting & FX can turn a bland room into a party waiting to happen. Good equipment is usually expensive and it’s not something most people have around their home. Thankfully hiring them from a Gold Coast party hire specialist is an easy option.  A party hire specialist in sound, lighting & FX will help you make the best choice for getting the right atmosphere for your party or event.

Party Lighting


Light fixtures project washes of light adding colour, warmth and depth. This effect complements your party décor colours, therefore looks fantastic in photos.

Texture Lighting

Texture lights project patterns on walls, ceilings, dance floors, stages, etc. to create depth and contrast while enhancing visual interest.

Cake Spot Lights

Another form of lighting is pin-spot lighting. Cake lighting is tailored specifically to illuminating the cake. Different combinations of light fixtures from different angles illuminate the cake in the most flattering light possible.

Party Hire FX

Special Effects Machines

For that almost expected ‘wow’ factor everyone waits for, you can’t beat the use of exciting special effects. Depending on the theme and mood of the event, you could look at party hire options such as smoke machines, haze machines, dry ice machines, snow machines or big screens too.

For your sound, lighting & FX needs, let these local Gold Coast experts help you with your party hire needs.