Rubik's cube party ideas that colour your party theme event


A  Rubik’s Cube Party theme is one of the best colour party theme ideas that we have come across. All your guests arrive in multi coloured clothing ( the original colours are Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, White, Orange ) and by the end of the night your guests try to be dressed in a single colour.


Looking for invitation ideas for this party theme? How about trying to make a small square box and stick some coloured squares to the sides like a Rubik’s cube. Place the written invitation inside and hand out to your invitees. Sounds a little difficult or you are strapped for time then just download and print our free Rubik’s cube party invitation. Just click on the link below the picture


Ask your party guests to arrive in a multitude of colours ( the 6 colours of the rubiks cube). Let them know that they will not be going home in the same clothes that they arrive with. In addition, you could suggest that people consider wearing oversized clothes as they may have to trade with someone larger than themselves. This type of party is where your local OP Shops will come in handy. Don’t forget socks, hats, belts……


Make sure to add lots of coloured balloons in the Rubik’s Cube colours……Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black and Green.  Just think how amazing your party space would look with illuminated coloured cube seating in your Rubik’s party colours!

Use tableware in the colours of Rubik’s cubes. Hang plastic tablecloths in the same colours in separate corners of your party room. Wrap square boxes to look like Rubik’s cubes and hang from the ceiling or place around the room


Make cube appetizers to dress up your Rubik’s cube snack table.  They are easy to prepare (just a bit time consuming).  Love the idea but don’t like the idea of the work – hire a caterer to create your own special party food.

Separate M&M’s into their individual colours and place in jars or layer in jars to add that extra pop of colour to your table.

Rubik's cube party food ideas

Make this Rubik‘s Cube Cake or hire a cake decorator to make it for you.


Hire a cocktail machine and serve coloured frozen cocktails.

rubik's cube party

Serve a rainbow of drinks in the Rubik’s cube colours. Adding skittles to vodka, gin, or any clear spirit (1 colour per bottle) a few days before the party will give you a rainbow of spirits to mix your drinks. Red, Orange or Green Vodka, lime & soda – Who knew?

Jelly shots recipe


Rubik's cube party drink ideas perfect for this party theme

Games & Activities

The entire party is a game…. everyone will be on a mission to be dressed in only ONE colour by the end of the night. Watch as your party guests beg, borrow or steal that single coloured item of clothing that they need to finally win. In addition to being fun, this activity is a great way to get your guests mingling and talking.


Rubik’s Twister


“Twister with a Rubik’s Twist”!! Use the original game mat but tape squares over the circles and let the fun begin. If you are having an outdoor party, use the lawn as the board and place homemade coloured squares on the grass. Anchoring them into the ground will stop them from moving.


Place some Rubik’s cubes around the party area.  First one to solve the cube gets a prize.

For your next party try this Rubik’s Cube party theme. Just think colour and cubes!!