A Princess Party Allows Them To Be A Princess For A Day!

The little someone special in your life wants to have a Princess Party.

Here are some great and inexpensive ideas to make all her princess dreams come true.

If you would like to sit back and enjoy the day too, why not call in a kids party entertainer to help out.


It’s time to invite all the little princesses to your castle. Here are a few “princess” invitation ideas for you to make.

If you buy ready-made princess invitations you can also include some glitter or fairy dust in the envelopes. Write on the invitations with a glitter pen. You may like to add a small princess wand to the invitation. (Discount/variety shops often have these in their toy aisle.) Just remember to let everyone know that you want them to dress as a princess.

If this is all too time consuming please download and print this free Princess Party Invitation.

princess invitation

Just click on the image and print


The younger the age group the easier to dress them. A costume can be a simple as a plastic tiara, a tutu and a t-shirt with some sparkles on it. As the age group increases so does the costume requirement. A simple satin dress/ nightie with a tutu, some long satin gloves and a tiara may just do the trick. Some of these items you will have, others are available at Spotlight and you nearest variety discount shops. If you’re a little more creative and know your way around a sewing machine then you may like to have a look HERE


Use cheap organza to hang over your curtains or window coverings to create a royal appearance . If you are hosting the party outside, a pop up gazebo draped with organza and fairy lights transforms your garden into a fairytale wonderland.

Heart shaped and regular balloons tied together with big bright bows and tied to the back of each chair are an added feature and great for the little princesses to take home. Remember pink, pink and more pink.

For a little extra cost a balloon shaped archway is always an eye catcher.

Add lots of bubbles and glitter to make the party sparkle. Have your guests wear their favourite “princess” dresses. Don’t forget to have a princess tiara waiting for each of  the “royalty” when they arrive. If you have some Princes coming have a few soft foam swords on hand.

Set your table with princess themed party plates and bowls. A table, sprinkled with pink lollies will make it look like it is covered in magical gems.

princess party decoration ideas


Princess Party Food should be Pink.

Marshmallows, pink wafer biscuits and pink frosted cupcakes are just perfect for princess food treats.

Fairy floss machines are great to hire idea.

Cake is a party must-have.  A professionally made Princess cake would make any girl feel like royalty.

For a special treat, why not make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.  Easy to make, easy to hold and fun to eat.



Pink is the magical princess colour. Serve the perfect Princess Party drink. Pink lemonade ( lemonade with a hint of red cordial) served in pink cups with pink straws. Rim the top of the glasses with pink sugar or pink sprinkles. Achieve this by dipping the rim of each glass in water then dipping into a plate of sprinkles or sugar. Beautiful when served in plastic champagne flutes with a pink bow tied to the stem.

princess party drinks

image:The Gunny Sack

 Princess Party Games

1. Every Princess needs a castle. – What little girl wouldn’t love to have a castle of her very own right in her own backyard. Why not make her day extra special by hiring a Royal Castle jumping castle. The children will jump, explore and play the afternoon away.

2. Jewel Hunt – 
A treasure hunt game is an ideal fairy tale activity. Hide precious gems (gold coin chocolates) around the house or garden and let the girls loose with their little treasure boxes to seek out the jewels.

3. Musical Princess Party Islands – Another fun game to play is a variation on musical chairs where girls have to find an island to stand on when the music stops. Cut coloured circles out of paper so the girls know where the islands are. Islands are so much easier then chairs!

4. Princess Musical Statues – 
Pretend that when the music stops, the evil ice queen turns the princess party guests to ice!

5. Pin the Horn on the Unicorn – 
Transform that tired looking donkey into a spectacular unicorn!

A special treat on the day would be a carriage ride in her very own coach.  She is sure to never forget this party!

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