Find the best popcorn & fairy floss machines on the Gold Coast

Whether it’s a carnival, circus theme or kids party, popcorn & fairy floss machines add a sweet treat for everyone. It’s never been easier to hire popcorn machines or fairy floss machine than with these Gold Coast businesses. They have every party machine hire you are looking for.

Popcorn machines

The sound and smell of popcorn popping makes everyone come running. There is nothing better than fresh popped popcorn. If you’re planning a movie themed party night, popcorn is a must. Everyone who comes will love the extra touch of authenticity. They will love being able to walk over to the machine and scoop it out themselves.

Use popcorn as your favours. Fill bags or buckets full of popcorn wrap them up and add a tag. Write cute things on the tags like “Thanks for popping over for movie night”.

Popcorn machines are popular with all ages for fetes, carnivals, fundraising events, and festivals. A popcorn machine, no matter the occasion, always makes a statement.  They fill your space with the unmistakable smell of buttery, salted yumminess. It’s also a quick, easy and inexpensive snack. Hire one for your next party.

Fairy floss machines

Fairy floss also known as candy floss or cotton candy. That sweet, airy, sugary treat on a stick we all begged for when we went to the fair. Now you don’t have to wait for the fair to come. A fairy floss machines hire lets you make your very own fairy floss at home. Real fairy floss for a fairy party…prefect. Creating a circus in the yard for your next kids birthday party…perfect. Whatever your reason, our fairy floss party hire machine suppliers have what you need.

Take a look above to see what they have to offer. I’m sure you’ll find all the party machine hire you are looking for.