Party Themes That Rock!

Adult party themes are endless. From fancy dress to casino nights, Gold Coast cocktail parties and sumo fights……Where do you start? Check out some of our ideas, then let your imagination go wild and create a memorable party loved by all. Add some fancy dress to these party ideas. Watch your party guests come alive as they transform into their new characters.

Don’t Let Your Party Be Ordinary!

We have all been to boring events with people just standing around not really enjoying themselves. Don’t let that happen to you. A party really isn’t a party without a great idea or an awesome party theme.

It takes time and effort to plan a party and the sooner you start the better. Pick your party theme early so your guests have plenty of time to prepare. Nobody likes scrambling at the last minute and this often causes people to back out last minute. Knowing early also helps you be ready when your guests arrive and you can jump right into the party yourself.

How to choose the right fancy dress theme for your Gold Coast party

The Gold Coast seasons/weather needs consideration when picking your theme. What is the celebration for (birthday, engagement, divorce etc.) and what is the age group? Fancy Dress themes are always enjoyable and can be themed to suit any occasion. For warmer Gold Coast months choose themes like Hawaiian, Ship wrecked or Toga. For our cooler months  perhaps an Ugly sweater theme or a Double Denim party. Once you have decided on your theme, it will make it so much easier to plan the rest of the party. You can then choose food, drinks and decorations to fit the theme

There are themes listed to get you started.

 Gold Coast party theme ideas