Set up an amazing party space with a beer keg & mobile bar hire.

Let’s hire a keg! One of the best party ideas out there. It’s so easy. Select your favourite brew and let the party start. A Gold Coast keg hire is the best way for your guests to serve themselves. Easy to use, convenient, cost-effective and much less work for you. Cut back on needing fridge space by hiring a keg. Cold beer where and when you want it. Don’t have a bar? No Problem. We have companies that specialise in the hire of mobile bars. It is an easy and great way to add a little something extra to your party or function. You will have fun mixing up a great night behind your very own bar hire. Having an outdoor function? Why not bring the bar to you with the help of our party hire companies.

Gold Coast Keg Hire for parties

Beer on tap. Nothing could be better. If you’re expecting lots of guests or big beer drinkers at your next party or function think keg party hire. Keg hire is a practical and cheaper way to let your guests enjoy a cold beer. You don’t  need to worry about having eskies, bags of ice or cleaning up broken bottles. Our keg hire suppliers have everything you need. Different styles, sizes, one spout or two and a variety of beers to choose from. Kegs are also easy to use. Pick-up (some companies may deliver) set-up and let the beer start flowing. They become the focal space of the night. All the guys will be hanging around the keg. Great for bucks parties, backyard BBQ’s or any indoor or outdoor event. Check with your keg hire supplier and see if they bottle any excess beer…….if there’s any left!

Want a great party hire idea……..Mobile bars!

Forget about running back and forth, inside and out just to mix a drink. With one of these Gold Coast mobile bars your guests can head straight there. You could also have a bartender included in a mobile bar hire package. A party machine hire can turn any space into a fully functioning bar. They come in all shapes and sizes. Ones that glow, rustic ones and Vintage caravan style too. Perfect for a wedding or away from home occasions.

If you really want to impress your guests, combine a keg hire with a mobile bar. Now that’s a PARTY!

Here at The Party Website Gold Coast we have listed local Mobile bar hire and Keg hire businesses. These party hire companies are here to help you with all your bartending needs. Take a look above to get started.