It’s a jungle out there and the world is full of party animals ready to Party!

Whether you are planning an adults, teenagers or kids jungle party theme we have some great ideas to help you go bananas!


If you’re sending out invitations, pick ones with a wild animal on them or some animal print. Feel free to use ours. Just click and print.

Jungle party invitation


A Jungle party is a great theme because there’s so many ideas for costumes. You can take it to the max and dress up completely or just wear something with animal print.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking :  Safari suit, Head hunter, Witch doctor, David Attenborough, Tarzan, Jane, Camo soldier and Amazon warrior.

jungle party costume ideas jungle party decoration ideas


Our last New Years Eve party was a jungle themed party and I have to say it was the first time that I spent under $10 on decorations! I bought 2 packets of green balloons, 1 packet of green crepe paper ribbons and 1 blow up Toucan bird. The rest of the decorations were palm leaves and branches that I took from our garden. The leaves we hung from the ceiling and rafters and the balloons we tied in clumps. We hung the crepe ribbons over the walls like creeping vines. A few vases here and there filled with more leaves and I borrowed a few rubber snakes from my son. Presto! An instant jungle. Make a sign for above the bar and call it “The Watering Hole”.

Jungle Party Food:

To stop the herd becoming too wild at your jungle party make sure you cater for all tastes. Start by placing “Snakes ” and other animal shaped lollies and sweets around the table. Green dips ( spinach, guacamole or pesto ) and animal shaped crackers make great and simple snacks. Pretzel sticks become “twigs” and what’s a jungle without bananas. Grapes become “snake eggs”. Meatballs become crocodile eyes. Water jugs with a bit of green food colouring suddenly become “swamp water”. Wrap a bit of animal print paper around water bottles and add them to your table as a decoration. Quenches thirst and looks great. Have fun with your food and get creative.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you may want to consider serving African dishes and homemade Biltong.