Want to host a glamorous High Tea for your Hens Party? No idea where to start or need some inspiration? The Party Website Gold Coast has the answers.

Hosting your own High Tea Party on the Gold Coast means you can stick to your own budget. It also allows you to serve your favourite finger food and sweet treats. You need to decide whether you’d like to throw a formal High Tea Party or a more casual event. Traditionally, High Tea has been a bit of a stuffy affair, but these days they are more casual and a lot more fun, especially if you include Champagne or a Mimosa Bar. High teas are always a favorite for a hens party and also a girlie birthday. We hope you find great ideas here, on The Party Website.



DIY Gold Coast Hens high tea party mimosa bar

The High Tea Party Menu

It is all about finger food. Normally you serve sweet treats such as biscuits, cupcakes, mini cakes, fluffy scones with  jam and whipped cream. Don’t consider yourself a pastry chef. Head to the bakery and load up on baked goods. There’s no need to sweat it out in the kitchen when there are so many local bakeries and cake shops around the Gold Coast. Savoury delights are always a pleasant accompaniment to your sweet treats. Consider serving small cut crustless sandwiches, vol-au-vents and mini Quiche.

Decorating For This Hens Party Theme

First of all, dress your table with white lace table clothes or white linen ones. Next, set your tables with bowls filled with jam and whipped cream. Then add tiered cake stands and silver or floral platters too. This is the perfect occasion to use those old tea pots, cups and saucer that nana gave you. If you don’t have enough, a quick trip to the Op shop will help. Your could also hire high-tea settings or ask each guest to bring her own teacup, saucer & plate. Fresh bunches of flowers help fill any empty spaces on the table. They’ll look and smell divine.

A coffee & tea-table is always a great addition so guests can help themselves. Have different teas to satisfy everyone’s taste. This is where you would have the sugar pot, milk jugs and teaspoons. Of course, every high-tea needs champagne too. Set up a special area for the bottles and glasses. You can also have them on the main table with your bubbles in a pretty ice bucket.

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Little Extras

If your husband, boyfriend or brother has nowhere to go during the Hens party, then put him to good use. Ask him to put on his suit and serve you and your guests. No chance of this happening? If you still like the idea of being served there are plenty of waiter services available on the Gold Coast. You may have to book in advance for their services. The Party Website Gold Coast has several of them listed on the Catering page.

Games and Activities

The Party Website has great hens party games & activity ideas suitable for all guests to include in your event. Just click HERE to find them.


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