Homemade Halloween decorations make it easy and inexpensive to get your house ready for any trick or treaters that you may or may not have invited to your house.

This spooky event does not have to cost you the earth. Simply made Halloween decorations bring the “Scary to any home” and you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make them.

First Impressions Count

Make a spooky first impression by decorating your front door with this five-minute Halloween DIY from Honey and Fitz. First, tape paper streamers or strips of crepe to the front door, overlapping the strips to give a wrapped mummy appearance. Cut sheets of black and white  paper into circles to make eyes. Stick the eyes on the top of the door and tape or glue to secure them.

Halloween diy decorations


Creepy Tombstones

What You’ll Need

Different sized cardboard boxes

Masking tape

Flat/matt black spray paint or paint

Textured spray paint that looks like stone

Plastic bugs, jewels and cardboard for epitaph (optional)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks.


Build your tombstone by stacking up the cardboard boxes to create the desired shape. Hot glue or tape them together. You will paint over any imperfections or tape.


Brush or spray paint the entire tombstone with flat black paint.  When your tombstone it is completely dry, paint the entire thing again with the textured stone spray paint and allow it to dry completely.


Decorate and finish your tombstone, by hot gluing plastic bugs, adding orange or red rhinestone eyes, or adding a headstone name or epitaph.

DIY tombstones



Vampire Napkin Rings & Dripping Candles

Setting a ghoulish table is easier and cheaper then you think. Amongst your dishes on your buffet table place plastic skull heads. Add contrasting dripping candles in red, black or purple and imitation spiderwebs with spiders ( I got a bag for $1.99 at Spotlight).

To make the candles raid your child’s crayon box and look for the red, black or purple crayons. Melt these crayons over white candles to create a dripping effect.

To make the vampire linen napkins you will need to buy cheap plastic vampire teeth and some some fake blood or red food colouring. Drip the fake blood or red food colouring over the napkins, allow to dry and place in between the teeth. If you are planning to use paper napkins then forget the food colouring and just place the paper napkins inside the teeth and set in a pile at the end of your buffet table. ( red or black paper napkins look the best )

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halloween decorations candle ideas