How To Create Beautiful Grazing Tables

“Grazing Tables” are the newest trend in catering!

Grazing Tables are ideal for larger events like weddings or engagement parties. They allow your guests to move around while continuously grazing. People often ask us how to style or set up such a table. Here are a few hints and tips to help you create your own work of food art.

It’s all about the location

Place your grazing table in a central place with enough space for guests to move around freely and mingle. It’ll surprised you how many people love to discuss cheese!

Variety is the spice of life

Choose a variety of aged, hard, soft, and blue cheeses. Add plenty of seasonal and dried fruits, nuts, jams, condiments and preserves as well.

To board or not to board

Chopping boards and wooden planks are a great way to display your cheeses. They create a rustic yet casual look. Don’t have enough board?  Use butcher, brown or baking paper as a base and assemble your cheeses generously on top of them. A cheap plastic tablecloth works great too.

Go nuts

Scatter an assortment of nuts, fresh and roasted, as well as a variety of crackers, bread pieces and pretzels. Introduce sprigs of fresh and dried herbs.

Add another dimension

Nothing should look to precise. Hollow out a cabbage to hold the dip for the vegetables. Add a basket to hold seasonal fruits or bread sticks. Use paddle pop sticks instead of spoons in your jars. Remember setting up a display like this is all about making the food look effortlessly beautiful. There is no right or wrong. Your table will be uniquely yours.

For those who prefer to have someone else do the catering, check out these professional grazing stylists

how to set up beautiful grazing tables

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