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From singing telegrams and bands to karaoke and topless bartenders too. We have some of the best party entertainment options the Gold Coast has to offer. There are so many different types of performers to entertain both you and your party guests for hours on end. We have listed them all here to fill all your party hire needs.

Plan a burlesque night for the girls or laugh with the hens as you all give pole dancing a try. Dancing lessons, cooking classes, etc. There is so much to choose from.

Challenge your buddies to a game of skirmish. Single guys vs the married ones! Losers buy the first round. Actually besides the bragging rights it doesn’t really matter who wins cause everyone gets a drink.

Have a great time singing along to some live music or join in on some karaoke.

Become the host of one of the best parties on the Gold Coast.

Party entertainment turns boring parties into the kind that everyone remembers. Choosing the right entertainment can personalise your party or event and make it something special for your guests. When you start planning your party, make sure you think about what kind of entertainment you want to have. Nobody likes to just sit around in a silent room. At the very least you must have music! Bands & live entertainment are always a big hit. It gets everyone involve as soon as they begin. There will be dancing and singing not to mention laughing and fun all night long.

Karaoke and Dj’s encourage participation. They get the crowds moving and can also encourage the shy ones to step forward.

Our bucks & hens entertainers make sure the groom or bride-to-be get a big send off to married life and end up with a night to remember.

Our Gold Coast party entertainment directory, filled with party hire ideas.

Not only do we have professional DJ, magician or Karaoke hosts. We have singers, dancers and live bands too. They are there to entertain you and your guests.

The above listed businesses can help make your event a successful one.