Find the best DJs on the Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast listed party hire businesses help you find professional DJs and entertainment services. Whether it is  a corporate disco, private party, or wedding, they can provide the music to create the perfect occasion.

Need to hire a DJ on the Gold Coast?

Music really is the life of the party. For weddings, birthdays and other special events the music can help create the perfect atmosphere. A professional Gold Coast DJ has a wide selection of music styles to suit virtually any mood, era, and style.  An excellent DJ will bring appropriate sound equipment for the venue and keep the dance floor hopping!

Choosing the right DJ to hire for your party or event

It is often surprising how late in the party hire process many people consider booking a DJ to provide their party or wedding entertainment, despite how important a great DJ is to the success of their party or event. We have a few hints to help you understand what to look for when you hire a DJ.

A Good DJ-

Should have a passion for all genres and eras of music as well as a collection to match. He should watch when he plays certain songs and keep playing the music people are enjoying.

The challenge for a DJ is to get guests dancing. It is hard at the beginning of a event especially when some guests are feeling a bit shy. Sometimes interaction or encouragement over the microphone can help people feel more relaxed and help create a party spirit.

Providing the Playlist

Give your DJ a playlist, but let him choose which tracks to play and when, after all he knows best. Not everyone will like your choice of music and it’s important to keep everyone happy.

Other Party Hire to consider

Party Hire in the form of lighting and FX should be considered. Tell your DJ what you are planning. They can then can let you know if it is suitable and compatible with their equipment. Some DJ’s also have light, sound & FX of their own.

Hire professional Gold Coast DJs and get your party moving!