DIY Party Decorations, that are stylish, simple to make & best of all So Affordable !

By Following our short clips, videos and step by step instructions you will be able to create new projects that will AMAZE your friends, family and party guests.

The good news is that you can will be able to make all of these Party Decorations easily.


Bucks Parties, Hens Parties or Melbourne Cup the Noodle Horses have it all!

Have you got a special Race Day planned for the guys or the girls?  Bring all the excitement of the track to your back yard with these fantastic and very “real life ” looking noodle horses.  Great for party props, party accessories or as thoroughbreds to race around your back yard.

Name the horses, Set the odds and Place the bets …They are off and RACING!!


For What To and How To CLICK HERE


I LoveHearts … Do You?

Show the love with these adorable paper hearts. These easy to make heart garlands are inexpensive and an effective way to spruce up your Valentine’s party, Wedding, Engagement party or event.

Whether its romance, friendship or family affection, everyone has the right to celebrate love and friendship and express it to the people that really matter.

This fun project uses paper sheets, ribbon and a bit of TLC.


What You Need :

Paper sheets (your preferred colours )

Ribbon ( cut into different lengths – some for bows & some for hanging)

Scissors and a Stapler

How To Make:

1.Cut some of the paper sheets into strips. (They can be various lengths and widths)

2. Staple together in pairs with a piece of hanging ribbon between them at one end. Bend strip back around onto themselves to form a heart. Staple the ends together without the ribbon this time.

3. The remaining sheets cut heart shapes out of them and staple a hanging piece of ribbon and a bow to them.

Hang together over a stick or rod and show them the Love x


Rock Around The Clock with these great looking shoes!

Alongside your new fancy rock n roll skirt you’re clearly going to need some dancing shoes. However if you can’t stretch the budget anymore how about making your own from a pair of cheap sand shoes from Kmart.



What You Need:

A pair of Sandshoes (white)

A permanent marker pen ( black  or a colour that compliments your outfit)

Colour in the shoes as shown above in video and get set to rock around the clock!


If you’re planning a baby shower, you’re in the right place.

Here you’ll find baby shower ideas, including baby shower themes, fun baby shower games , decorations and hostess gifts.




It’s A Jungle Out There!

Everyone loves animals, jungles ,Tarzan & Jane! For some added fun at your next event allow your party guests to go wild with these great Jungle Party theme ideas.


Has your child caught Peppa fever?

Make this year’s birthday extra special by throwing a Peppa Pig Party!

This Peppa Pig birthday cake is so easy to make a child could do it … in fact my 4 year old  made most of this  cake on her own, with adult supervision of course. Here are a few simple cake decorating tips and tricks so you can create this Peppa Pig cake all by yourself.

What You Need:

1 or 2 boxes of cake mix ( your choice of flavour)

Pink, white & black icing,

2 m&ms for the nose ( I used orange ones)

Print out of Peppa Pig’s head ( I just googled Peppa Pig colouring in images)