A “Crazy Wig Party” or a “Wig & Stache Bash” as some like to call this party theme

This party theme will take your party from a boring gathering to the party of the year.

When you mention you’re having a party with a theme most people cringe at the tough of having to find a costume and dress up. This Crazy Wig theme could not be simpler.



When creating the invitation remember to include in the invitation that guests are to wear a wig.



Besides the obvious and wearing a wig you may like to have your guests colour co- ordinate their clothing to their wig or have the guys wear a moustache and or beard.

( A great idea is to have a couple of spare wigs for those guests that “forget to wear one”)



There are no particular decorations for this party. If you want to set a colour or colours the choice is yours. I would have a multiple colour theme as your guests wigs will be an array of colours.

Hang all the wigs from a clothesline and pins stretched across your main room. Instant decoration!

Use lots of balloons to create the party atmosphere and a smoke machine or bubble machine if it is in your budget.


Games & Activities

Party games make parties come to life, break the ice and have your guests interacting in no time at all.

Guess The Stache

Just print out some famous actors moustaches and have your party guests guess whose stache is whose.

Party Game



You’ll need

A large bag to put everyone’s wigs in.

A whistle or bell


How to play

Blow the whistle or ring the bell and have everyone take off their wigs and place in the big bag. Once this has happened then have everyone randomly pick out a wig and put it on. This can happen as many times as you like. This game makes for the best photos.


DIY Photo Booth

Make or buy props to add to the wig mania. You may wish to buy an old photo frame and decorate it up and Frame your guests or have a local company make you a personalised polaroid frame. These look great in photos.

Crazy wig party theme