How to plan a Bucks Party Fishing Charter

So your best mate is getting married and you want to throw him a memorable bucks party!

A Bucks party fishing charter is a day that he certainly will enjoy and depending on what you organise, will remember fondly. If the Buck and your mates love to get out on the water and sink a couple of ales then one of our listed Charter Boat businesses is exactly what you are looking for. Maybe your group is diverse. Some of your mates are really serious about their alcoholic drinks and some are committed anglers. We have listed charter boat companies on the Gold Coast that are perfect for them too.

What do they offer and what to ask for

Most of the boats have plenty of room and all the accommodations in making your Bucks Party Charter relaxing and enjoyable. Most of them do what’s necessary for everybody to catch some fish.

*Think about some extra on board activities, such as strippers and waitresses. Ask the Charter business if they supply them or know where to hire them from.

*Most charter boats set sail fairly early therefore if your mates are not early morning kind of guys then see if they have a dusk charter available.

*Ask if they supply the alcohol, eskies and food or do you have to pre arrange.

Games and Activities

For some added fun while out on the water you may like to throw in a game or two.

Fishing Competition Challenge your mates to a fishing competition – He who catches the biggest fish wins a prize.

Not allowed to say “Fish” or “Bucks”. Who ever does and is picked up on it must scull or do some other task.

Opposite Hands  You must hold the fishing rod in your non dominant hand for a selected period of time.


After the Charter

Consider the events after the charter. Perhaps a BBQ back at someone’s house or a few rounds of pool at a near by tavern.

Just remember that a day fishing doesn’t exactly leave you smelling like roses!

A Bucks Party Fishing Charter really is a great opportunity to gather your best friends and enjoy a day out on the water.

And finally remember …When you party – do it right!

Bucks party fishing charter