Lots of fun with Bucks Party Games & Activities


Bucks Party Games & Activities for everyone.

If you are planning a bucks party on the Gold Coast, one of the most memorable parts of the evening will be the games you play. A bucks party isn’t a bucks party without some serious (or even hilarious) competition between the guys. Get ready for action with these great bucks party games & activities.

Kiss me Kate

Buy a white t-shirt. and in large letters write the word BUCK on it.
Write as many Girls names as you can think of onto the white t-shirt
The BUCK must wear the t-shirt on the night and then at each venue you attend he has to find a girl whose name appears on his white t-shirt.
To prove that he has found a match, he must ask the girl to use her best lipstick, pout and kiss her name on his t-shirt!
The object of the game is to cross off each name on his t-shirt … and to drink a shot for each name missed!

Kiss Me Kate


Two Truths and A Lie

This is one of the best bucks party games because everyone ends up learning a lot about each other, making it a perfect ice breaker. Have each guest list one lie and two truths about himself. The person to his right must guess the lie. If they guess correctly, they get a point. The more outrageous “truths” that come out, the better!


Protect The President

What you need: An enthusiastic group of bodyguards ( bucks party guests)
Rules: When the best man raises his finger to his ear as he were part of the secret service listening to an earpiece – someone must yell out “Protect The President!” Everyone must jump on or around the “Groom” (President) to protect him. Anyone who does not attempt to save him must perform a dare, scull a drink, down a shot or remove a sock, stretch it over the top of his glass and then down his drink through it.

Bucks Party Activities

Not up for a night on the town? These bucks party activities will keep your guests entertained in the comfort of your home or theirs.

How well do you know the bride?

Before the party ask the bride some personal questions and write down her answers.
During the party hand your guests pen and paper and ask them the questions you asked the bride. The winner is the one with the most correct answers…Will it be the groom?


Most Embarrassing Moments

Ask the guys to all write down on paper or text their most embarrassing moments with or without the groom’s presence. Read them out loud during the bucks party and see how many the groom can get right and who did what. A fun bucks party activity that can be played anywhere.


Hire a Charter Boat

Whether you like fishing or just cruising the canals of the Gold Coast, a charter boat hire is a day/night everyone will remember.


Hire Sumo Suits

Hire a set of sumo suits and get the groom ready for his life of hard knocks. Have fun wrestling your single mate for the last time.

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