Considering a Casino Night for a Gold Coast Bucks Party?

Get ready to put on an epic Gold Coast Casino night with a little help from us. You’ll find everything you need to create a bucks party to remember, from decorations to tips on how to hire the right casino tables for your event.


Probably the most important part of planning this bucks party event is to invite your guests early. Allow them time to organise their costumes, if you decide on a costume theme. Invitations can be as simple as setting an event up on Facebook to actually mailing out paper invitations. These can be found online but need to be ordered well in advance. Remember to include the dress code if you have one.


Whether you want your guests to rock up in jeans and t-shirts or suits and ties is completely up to you. The casual option will give you a laid back atmosphere but more formal wear will definitely bring a touch of class and “Casino Royale” to your party. There are several places on the Gold Coast that you can contact to organise suit hire and formal wear hire.


Give your guests the opportunity to enter the party in style by setting up a mini red carpet. Ideal if going with a more formal theme. Have them enter through a black and red balloon arch. If you want to go the extra mile decorate your walls with casino signs and images of slot machines too. These are available from our Gold Coast party shops.

The tables that you choose will take centre stage and be the main part of your decorations.  You and your guests will spend most of the evening practicing your poker faces but you all still have to eat. It’s not a party without party food! The food table is the one table all your guests are sure to visit so stock it well.


For this bucks party theme there are no rules as to what and what not to serve therefore you may want to serve up platters of party pies and sandwiches or heat up the BBQ the choice is yours. If you have decided on a formal casino night then may we suggest having it catered for. In addition to keeping with the theme this will allow you, the host to enjoy the night and also entertain your guests.

Games and Activities:

There are several Party Hire places on the Gold Coast that rent out Casino tables.  You will have to decide what games you want to play on the night. The best way to decide is to ask several of the boys what games they prefer to play and order tables to suit.  Almost all of the party hire places will have everything from Blackjack to Roulette. Some of these party hire places have added extras that you can order depending on your budget. Personalised poker chips and lovely looking dealers. In addition you may want to go the extra mile and hire a professional waitress or maybe a topless one.


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