Baby Shower ideas galore to impress the ones you adore!

Baby shower ideas to plan a great event for a new mum, friends and family too. Everyone comes to a baby shower to celebrate and honour the “Bump”

A Shower, like any other event has several things to consider and plan including decorations, games and party favours. Anyone, from a best friend to a family member can host the shower event. It is unusual for the expecting parents to host their own but certainly not unheard of. Rally up some girlfriends and begin planning.

To help you start, we have gathered some of the best shower ideas that we have come across or created. From favours to centrepieces. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to decorating for baby showers. Just keep the theme exciting and fun.

The expecting Mum will love everything you’ve planned for her shower, from the invitations to the cake and games!

Baby Shower Favour Ideas

It’s always nice to send your guests with a little something when they leave the party. Just a little thank-you for coming so they know how much you appreciated having them there. Here are a few of our favorites.

Blue or Pink what do you think?

Supplies needed

  • tulle or cello wrap
  • pink and boy jelly beans
  • ribbon
  • tags (custom or homemade)

Make small parcels using cello wrap or tulle. Fill each one with either blue or pink jelly beans. Tie the parcels with matching ribbon. You could attach tags that say “BEAN so great to see you” or “BEAN a great day because of you”. Have them ready in a basket. As each guest leaves ask them to pick what they think the baby will be…BOY or GIRL. Consider adding this idea to your activities list and play while everyone is still there also.


From my Shower to yours!

Supplies needs

  • a bar of soap for each guest
  • paper labels large enough to wrap around the soap bar

Have custom made or make your own labels to fit around the center of the bar of soap. Make them to  says “For my Shower to Yours”. Send your guest home with a cute and useful baby shower favour. If the sex of the baby is already know buy all pink or blue soap bars. Otherwise use white or a neutral colour.


Thank you for POPPING by

favours baby shower ideas


Supplies needed

  • store bought popcorn boxes – these are readily available in many colours from craft shops OR
  • homemade popcorn boxes in your theme or gender colours- using thicker paper know as cardstock means the box will hold its shape better
  • popped popcorn
  • cello wrap
  • ribbon
  • custom or homemade tags
  • * optional – embellishments to dress up your box. I printed out some cute popcorn kernels, cut them out and attached them with a bit of foam adhesive. The foam adhesive makes them look

Buy or make enough boxes so each guests receives one. Fill them with popcorn. If you want, you could make coloured popcorn (pink or blue). Once filled, wrap each box in cello wrap and attach a ribbon to seal. Attach a tag that says “Thanks for popping by”. Use this baby shower idea for a cute yummy favour.


Baby Shower Centrepieces

With a few simple supplies, a cute centerpiece for your next baby shower can be as easy as A B C .

A square box, some wrapping paper and paper strips are an easy way to make a “Baby Block”. Add a few balloons, ribbon and also teddy bears and your centerpiece is ready for the table. Use your imagination and create something beautiful.

baby shower centerpieces