Keep Your Gold Coast Party Guests Busy With These Baby Shower Games & Activities

Baby shower games that will have your new mum-to-be and your guests laughing. Tired of the same old baby shower games and activities? These games/activities are anything but boring.
Whether you have a lively crowd at your baby shower, that may enjoy playing action games or a quieter group that prefer to sit and play, we have games to suit everyone and all of them are great fun. Host the best baby shower on the Gold Coast.

Baby Shower Activities

If your baby shower guests aren’t the type who like to play baby shower games, check out the fun activities we have listed for you.

Write a book

Buy a small blank scrapbook or notebook and ask each party guest to write down some advice for the mother or parents-to-be.


Paint Baby Blocks

Buy plain timber blocks from a Gold Coast arts and crafts store ( Spotlight) or discount variety shop and let your guests decorate them. Use food-safe markers or food colouring for decorating, or buy non-toxic paint that’s safe for kids’ toys.


Nappy Notes

Supply each of your guests with a new disposable nappy and a marker pen.
Have them write on the nappies little notes of encouragement for the new parents to read during those middle of the night nappy changes.

 Baby Shower games

Fill the Nappy Bag

A great baby shower activity is to have each guest bring an item that you would find in a nappy bag. It doesn’t matter if there are items that are the same as new mums will be able to use everything. Have a diaper bag, laundry basket, gift basket, etc. on hand for your guests to place their “donation” in. Your new mum or mum-to-be will be thrilled when she receives all her goodies.


Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games are so much fun to play and sometimes even just as much fun to watch. Keep your guests laughing with these great party games.

Bath Bottle Bed

This baby shower game is as much fun to WATCH as it is to play, so not everyone needs to participate.

These supplies will be for each team of 2.

  •  Chair &  Small table for each teams supplies
  •  Baby Bonnet (optional)
  •  large old shirt (baby bib) – Op Shop is a great source
  •  Blindfold
  •  Juice filled baby bottle
  •  Bowl of “Baby food”. Eg- Yogurt, Oatmeal, Chocolate Pudding
  •  Baby spoon
  •  Bowl of water (bubbles are always fun)
  •  Washcloth
  •  Hand towel
  •  Adult diaper
  • Pair Pj’s – get some that go over the head and some 2 piece ones
  •  Large Blanket
  • Prizes for winning team


  • You need teams of 2.
  • Decide how many will play so you can have enough supplies for everyone. 2 – 4 teams maximum. You need plenty of room.
  • Just before the party starts, prepare your stations.

How To Play

  1. Blindfold one team member.
  2. Have the other teammate put on the bonnet and sit in the chair.
  3. The blindfolded team member must now put on the baby’s ” bib” and spoon feed them the entire bowl of “baby” food.
  4. Refusing to eat is acceptable.
  5. After the bowl is empty, mum must wash the baby’s face & hands and give them their bottle.
    The “baby” must finish the whole baby bottle, without using their hands, while “Mum” puts on her diaper and PJ’s. If baby drops the bottle, she must keep cry until Mum puts it back in.
  6. When done getting dressed, Mom must wrap the “baby” into the blanket “Cocoon” style.
  7. First team with their “baby” fed, bathed, dressed, bottle done and IN bed………. wins.
  8. Have Your Camera Ready!!!!!

**If the party is mixed…..Make the men the “Mums”


Name That Baby

 Baby Shower Party Games

This baby shower game requires the help of the guests. If this is an activity you choose to do, make sure to include the request on your invitation. Also ask each guest not to share their picture before the game. Also let them know they will get their picture back after the game.


  • A baby picture of each of your guests.
  • A large cork board or a large thick piece of paper. (Readily available)
  • Thumbtacks or tape
  • A room with a door
  • Paper and Pen for each guest
  • Prize for the winner


  • Set the cork board or large piece of paper up in a room with a door.  It’s best if it is away from the main entertaining area. Have enough board space for each guest to place their photo.
  • Make sure thumbtacks or tape is handy.
  • As guests arrive, ask them to sneak in and attach their picture to the board/paper.
  • Once everyone has placed their picture you can play the game.

How to play

  1. Bring the cork board or paper with the pictures attached into the entertaining area. Have each guest guess who belongs to which picture.
  2. Whoever guesses the most correct….wins!
  3. Hand out the prize(s).

***Helpful Tip
If you are having a party where all the guests don’t know each other, name tags would be helpful.


Poopy Nappy


**This is best prepared right before it is played. Warmth adds to the game!!


  • Nappies – 6-8
  • Chocolate Bars (chose unusual ones). You will need as many as you have diapers.
  • Pen and Paper for each guest
  • Prizes


  • Place 1 chocolate bar in each diaper
  • Put the diaper in the microwave oven and melt the chocolate bar.
  • Smoosh the chocolate around in the diaper getting it good and messy.
  • Mark each diaper with a 1, 2, 3……

How To Play

  1. Pass the (possibly still warm) nappies around.
  2. Have each guest “guess” what’s in the poopy diaper. Also having several nappies with similar contents will force the guests to have a “taste”…..Yuck!!
  3. The Guest with the most correct guesses…..wins!

Idea From : Creative Baby Shower Games


Name that Nursery Rhyme


  • A list of ” single lines” from any Nursery Rhymes
  • Paper for each guest
  • Pen or pencil for each guest
  • Answer sheet for yourself

How to Play

  1. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen/pencil
  2. Read out a line from a nursery rhyme
  3. Have each guest write down the name of the nursery rhyme.
  4. Whoever has the most right at the end…. wins.

Here are a few lines to get you started….Can you name them?

  1. He’s under the haystack fast asleep…
  2. Out came the sun….
  3. Little Johnny wants to play….
  4. Tip me over….
  5. And don’t know where to find them…
  6. The little dog laughed….
  7. He put her in a pumpkin shell…
  8. She had so many children….
  9. And one for my dame….
  10. If you have no daughters…..


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